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“Nancy is a very skilled teacher. We are thrilled with her methods, knowledge and ability to command respect and make learning fun for our 14 year old son. And she was able to do this not only in person while we were in Stowe, but also via weekly Skype sessions while we were living in South America for 7 months. As a result of working with Nancy, our son returned to school at or ahead of his school’s math curriculum. We are very fortunate to have had and to have Nancy working with our son.”
-Denise Gutstein

Packages & Pricing

We currently offer different pricing options depending on our experience and your needs.

30 Minute Intro Session – FREE

Offered to our first time students. Please email us to set up. It lets your student get to know their new tutor and work through a few problems they might be having issues with. Laptops or desktops are recommended for your sessions and we do require you to download Skype for free so we can connect. Bamboo tablets are not required.

We offer 1, 1.5 and 2 hour long sessions. Pricing varies depending on whether we are tutoring, teaching a course, or doing standardized testing preparation. Contact us for pricing information at or

For these sessions, we require Skype and access to the online whiteboard. For a more interactive session, students may purchase either a Wacom tablet or rent one from KidSmart Education. A PayPal payment or an individualized payment plan set up with KidSmart is required upon scheduling your session.

Need a little extra help?

Schedule an online tutoring session with Nancy or Hannah. Professional homework help is just a few clicks away!

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