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"After our son’s first meeting with Nancy, I was stunned to hear him say (as he was so discouraged by math), “I really like Nancy as a teacher and I think I’m going to learn a lot from her.” Within weeks he was loving math again, his confidence in the subject was rebuilding and he had learned more than he had in the previous year."
- Karen - Stowe, VT

Nancy Paul Gleason

KidSmart Education is owned and operated by Nancy Paul Gleason and is located in the beautiful ski and snowboard town of Stowe, VT. Nancy has spent the past decade teaching math to High School students in the area, and saw a huge need for tutoring student athletes on the road, students that just needed a bit of extra help, and students that wanted more from their math curriculum. In 2011, Nancy turned her focus on expanding the offerings of KidSmart education, and to build an online platform that would allow her to tutor students on the road, studying abroad, and located outside the Stowe region.

When she’s not online tutoring, you can find Nancy hanging out with her husband and dogs, and thinking of creative ways to explain and teach math concepts to her students.

A word from Nancy:

The more I submerged myself into teaching math and working with students from middle school into high school, the more I realized how important it was for me to make KidSmart Education available to more than just my community. Teaching is my passion, and my gift, and I need to make myself available to students that are struggling, or who want more. It saddens me when I hear that a student hates math, or is doing so poorly they are struggling on a daily basis. It pains me when I know of a student can do so much more, but is limited by the constraints of their class room. It frustrates me when a student athlete must make a trade off between education or their sport because school times are not adaptable to their rigorous training schedule.

In today’s technological world, there is no need for this anymore. We can make the best teachers available to every student, in every season, during the day, and in the evenings. I am starting here, and I am very excited to make KidSmart Education a part of your educational path.

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