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“First off, Thank you! All and all, Dexter has more confidence with the material presented this school year and feels as though he can progress with his math education. You have also created a relationship with him, letting him know he had some one to turn to for help with problems in this field in the future. Thanks again, Nancy”
-Parents Wayne & Victoria

Tutoring Agreement

This  Tutoring Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into as of the date of first scheduled tutoring session between KidSmart Education, LLC (“KidSmart”), with an address of 342 Goeltz Road, Stowe, Vermont and the student’s parent or legal guardian.


Kidsmart will provide tutoring services to (“Student”) as scheduled through the online interface.

2.  FEES.

Fees shall be calculated at a rate of $55 per hour of tutoring online and $75 per hour of tutoring at Student’s home. All tutoring must be booked in 30 minute increments. Fees may be adjusted from time to time and
shall become effective after giving Parent 30 days written notice.


Payment shall be made in advance of each tutoring session by credit card or check, unless otherwise agreed in writing by KidSmart.


Student may cancel a lesson by giving at least 24 hours prior notice to KidSmart in which case no fees will be incurred. Lessons not attended by Student without giving at least 24 hours prior notice to KidSmart shall be charged at the full rate.


Fees are calculated according to the times stipulated in the schedule and no adjustment shall be made for time lost because of late arrival by Student.


KidSmart makes no promises or warranties with regard to the Student’s performance as a result of any tutoring provided, and the parties agree that KidSmart shall not be held liable for the Student’s performance.


It is expressly understood that the Student retains the services of KidSmart as an independent contractor and not as an employee. KidSmart shall be responsible for its insurance and for all statutory declarations and contributions with regard to income tax.


This Agreement may be terminated by either party at any time by giving the other party 15 days prior written notice.


This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties with regard to the subject matter hereof and the parties waive the right to rely on any alleged expressed or implied provision not contained herein. Any alteration to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties.

10. MINORS. Where the Student is a legal minor, the Parent/Guardian shall enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Student and shall accept and agree to all the terms and conditions contained herein on behalf of the Student.

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