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“Nancy Paul has a very nice manner of which teen boys can relate. I feel she really “gets” my son and in turn her time with him is a positive math experience. Nancy’s new service this year of being online in the evening is an added benefit that really helps when checking homework.”
-Monica Irauzqui

Student Testimonials

What Students had to say about Nancy:

“Nancy Paul works long hard hours to make sure that you learn all aspects of your individual class. She is extremely flexible with her schedule, so you can enjoy the activities you are passionate about. Her goal is to fit your learning style to the best of her ability.”

– Lucas “Maddog” Angier


“Nancy was one of my favorite math teachers growing up. Her love of math is contagious and her passion for teaching makes for a fun learning environment. She genuinely wants every student that she teaches to excel and succeed and she works hard to make sure that happens. She is flexible to teaching students at all levels and has a way of making everyone feel like they can achieve success in math.”

– Annie Rendall


What Students had to say about Bob:

“I was having trouble with my SAT preparation but Bob worked with me three days per week and made sure that I actually understood the test, not just shortcuts to boost my score on test day. As a result, my score went up hundreds of points, and I truly learned the content of the test, not just silly strategies.”

– Max Arczinski


“Bob tutored me in my homeschool program when I was a sophomore in high school. His ability to explain the material so that I understood and learned allowed me to pursue my goals as a professional freestyle skier. He made it fun, interesting, and even exciting! I would recommend Bob as an English tutor to anyone.”

– Alex Gorham, Professional Skier


“I worked with Bob during the summer following my Sophomore year in high school. Not only was he a great help, he was also an awesome guy to work with. Bob’s mastery of English literature, and the fact that we met one on one, (whether it be via Skype, or in person) enabled me to significantly develop my writing skills and go into depth, regarding the literature, which is not always possible in a classroom setting. Having completed Junior Honors English (English 11A) over the summer, I now have much more time to devote to both alpine ski race training and a very rigorous course load.”

– Grant Gutstein

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