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"My son has had the opportunity to work with Nancy and she has helped him to continue to love and learn math. She has a great way of instructing, guiding and challenging a child and is someone I would strongly recommend."
- Judy Lazaro

Parent Testimonials


What Parents had to say about Bob:

“My son worked with Bob over the summer to complete 11th grade English. Bob is very engaging and knowledgeable. He engages well with adolescents and has a mastery of literature and writing. My son learned a tremendous amount, grew in his appreciation for literature and improved his writing. We were very pleased with the experience and would highly recommend Bob!”

-Denise Gutstein


What Parents had to say about Nancy:

“Every now and then you come across someone who is truly amazing at what they do.  Nancy Gleason is one of those people. Whether you have a child who loves math or struggles with math, she is a resource to consider.

 My son has had the opportunity to work with Nancy and she has helped him to continue to love and learn math. She has a great way of instructing, guiding and challenging a child and is someone I would strongly recommend. “

-Judy Lazaro


“Hello Nancy I would be glad to say few words on behalf of the progress and attitude of our son Dexter since he worked with you this past summer. First off, Thank you!  All and all, he has more confidence with the material presented this school year and feels as though he can progress with his math education. You have also created a relationship with him, letting him know he had some one to turn to for help with problems in this field in the future. Thanks again, Nancy”

-Proud Parents Wayne & Victoria


“Nancy Paul has a very nice manner of which teen boys can relate.  I feel she really “gets” my son and in turn her time with him is a positive math experience.  Nancy’s new service this year of being online in the evening is an added benefit that really helps when checking homework.”

-Monica Irauzqui


“Nancy is a very skilled teacher.  We are thrilled with her methods, knowledge and ability to command respect and make learning fun for our 14 year old son.  And she was able to do this not only in person while we were in Stowe, but also via weekly Skype sessions while we were living in South America for 7 months.  As a result of working with Nancy, our son returned to school at or ahead of his school’s math curriculum.  We are very fortunate to have had and to have Nancy working with our son.”

-Denise Gutstein

“Our son struggled with math when he was in sixth grade and again in seventh grade. We decided to seek help beyond the school because he had developed a true dislike for math and we believed that it was critical that he grasp math now, in the middle school years, or he was going to be buried by high school math. Further, his interests are in technology and engineering and without strength in math he’d never be able to pursue his passions. We asked around and Nancy Gleason came highly recommended by a few friends whose sons were being tutored by her not because of deficits but to progress in math beyond the school program. We decided to discontinue math at the school and have him work with Nancy for the remainder of the year.

After our son’s first meeting with Nancy, I was stunned to hear him say (as he was so discouraged by math), “I really like Nancy as a teacher and I think I’m going to learn a lot from her.” Within weeks he was loving math again, his confidence in the subject was rebuilding and he had learned more than he had in the previous year. Only four months later math is hands down his favorite subject and he has not only mastered the 6th and 7th grade concepts he had previously struggled with but he is getting high marks in eighth grade concepts.

Nancy is by far the best teacher he has had in his academic years. Our son will tutor with her for eighth grade and perhaps beyond. All other parents I know who have enlisted Nancy rave as I do about her ability to engage and teach. I have passed her name onto at least four other parents who are looking for more. Our enthusiasm for what she has done for our son is sincere.

-Karen – Stowe Vermont

Nancy has the ability to engage her students and see math through an expanded lens. She gets them to think outside the box and develop an understanding of concepts beyond a textbook. My daughter has worked with Nancy since we moved to Stowe and she is definitely a favorite teacher and mentor. Nancy has encouraged her and enriched her math experience in school. We could not be more pleased. With Nancy’s help, she is one of the top math students in Vermont

Katherine Westberry -Stowe, VT

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