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"I worked with Bob during the summer following my Sophomore year in high school. Not only was he a great help, he was also an awesome guy to work with. Bob’s mastery of English literature, and the fact that we met one on one, (whether it be via Skype, or in person) enabled me to significantly develop my writing skills and go into depth, regarding the literature, which is not always possible in a classroom setting. Having completed Junior Honors English (English 11A) over the summer, I now have much more time to devote to both alpine ski race training and a very rigorous course load."
- Grant Gutstein

How It Works

Kid Smart Education Student Solving Equations

We’ve designed our online tutoring platform to be as close to real-life tutoring as possible.   Check out the following components that enable us to  schedule sessions, communicate, write math problems, and share a virtual whiteboard or worksheet.

Online Scheduling

Schedule your desired time blocks through our online scheduler, and make online payments through PayPal.  Our system will send an SMS text message alerting the student of their upcoming session, and includes a variety of other features.

Video Conferencing

We use Skype as our video conferencing platform because its an industry standard and provides high call quality almost anywhere in the world.  Whether you’re in Stowe, Argentina, or Chamonix, your student can have face time with their tutor.

Bamboo Tablets

It’s not easy to solve and write equations on a computer, so we use a Bamboo tablet that closely mimics pen and paper.

Online Whiteboard

Our online whiteboard pulls it all together and allows the student and tutor to share a virtual sheet of paper, or pre-formatted worksheets.

Need a little extra help?

Schedule an online tutoring session with Nancy or Bob, professional homework help is just a few clicks away.

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